Last update: Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 4:58 PM.
Sharing links in the River2 community
    • A new feature for River2 makes it easy to share links to stories from the news page to followers on Twitter. It also maintains a Top 40 list for River2 users.
    • In River2 shared links flow through Twitter.
    • They flow through your account and a special account for all River2 users who use this feature (right now that's just me).
    • They also flow through a Top 40 list, like the one I've been using on Twitter.
    • So it's kind of an aggregation of all the links we thought were hot enough to pass on. I think it'll become more interesting as the community grows. If it grows too much we'll have to figure out how to make many communities out of the one.
    • First be sure you've got a fully updated river2.root. Bring the OPML app to the front, and choose river2.root from the Window menu. Then choose Update Front Tool from the Tools menu. You may find it already is fully updated.
    • Important: Be sure you've set your Twitter username in the OPML Editor preferences. You do not have to enter your password for this feature to work.
    • Go to your Home page. You should now see blue T's in the right margin. Pick a story you want to share. Click the blue T next to it. After a few seconds you should be on your Twitter page with the text of the Title and a shortened URL in the What Are You Doing? box, as shown below. If you want to tweet it, just click Update. That's all there is to it! :-)
    • A picture named whatsDoing.jpg
    • It's taking a long time for the domain we'll use for this,, to come through the registration process. So to begin with we'll use a domain to share links. If you see one of these on Twitter it's coming from this part of River2.
    • This feature is very much experimental, so please try to be thoughtful.
    • There may need to be some big changes as we learn how this works.
    • And share your thoughts in the comments below! :-)